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CNS Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Award

Oakland University's School of Education and Human Services has established a Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Award for degree-seeking students in a Counseling program. The award supports collaborative projects between graduate students and faculty. Funds may also be used for graduate student research, conference presentations and publications on topics related to counseling. 

Eligible students are . . . 
1. Enrolled in a SEHS Counseling program
2. Have completed one full semester in their Counseling program prior to submitting an application
3. Have an OU faculty member who will work with student(s) on a collaborative project and/or supervise the research

Click here to view the rubric scholarship committee members will use when evaluating award applications.
Address 1
Address 2
Please enter the last 4 digits of your G number

Only the last four digits of your G number are requested.

Name the faculty member who has agreed to work with you and/or supervise your research. 
Include the faculty member's contact information.
If you are the recipient of this award, indicate the semester in which you would like the award applied.

You can select more than one semester. If more than 1 semester is selected, the award is applied evenly to the semesters selected. Awards cannot be applied to semesters that have already started.

Briefly describe the research idea, including literature based evidence of need for research and potential importance of findings.

Proofread for grammar and punctuation. It is recommended you compose your response in word, then copy and paste your answer below.

Describe the budget for the research idea, and how funds from the CNS Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Awards would be used.
By checking the boxes below, you agree to the following:

If you are selected as a recipient, you will be held to these agreements. Your application cannot be considered without all four statements being agreed to by the applicant.

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Thank you for applying for the School of Education and Human Services Counseling Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Award. You will receive written notification regarding your application after the scholarship committee has reviewed all applications after the posted deadline. 
Please direct questions to Thank you.